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Our Neighborhoods

Food Security


We are fundraising for families that are lead by the elderly, disabled, and child-headed households within the township of Alexandra. We are fundraising to buy food parcels for these beneficiaries


Through a partnership with the local radio station, we have collected a database of 20 thousand families in Alex and we are currently in the process of sourcing out any food donations or any relief. 



MeMeZa's mission is to join hands in the eradication of crime by empowering and strengthening communities and Community Policing to safe guard families, especially in vulnerable areas.



MYSAFA is a stakeholder management and communication system launched by the South African Football Association (SAFA) for use within its internal structures.

increasing Community food security

Fighting Youth unemployment

Impacting sports development

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"Think, speak and act in ways you’d like other people to behave with you. Be gentle, understanding, compassionate, and, above all, be Respectful!"

"Life is a lesson people you are gonna learn"

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Themba Vukela

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